Don’t let the stress show!

Care for Your Poker Face Don’t Let the Stress Show!

Care your poker face

The James Bond Universe would have you believe that anyone and everyone who goes to a casino to play a round of poker will be dressed to the nines, sporting designer dresses and tailor-fitted suits and ties. However, this isn’t necessarily true. Casinos in the U.K. might implement dress codes, but none of them require the elegance and sophistication showcased on James Bond. In fact, more often than not, they follow the same motto: “No shirt, no shoes, no service.”

Care for Your Poker Face Don’t Let the Stress Show!

Be stress free

In fact, photos posted by PartyPoker on Twitter show that most poker aficionados are content to wear jeans and a t-shirt (hoodie optional) to their bouts. Even their own ambassador, Kara Scott, is rarely seen wearing anything more than comfortable jeans and a sweater.

But just because you’re not expected to be in full gala attire at the casino doesn’t mean you can let yourself go. In fact, the stressful nature of the event itself is enough reason to take your beauty regimen to the next level! Here’s how you can take care of your skin after a long night playing poker:

Care for Your Poker Face Don’t Let the Stress Show!



Moisturize Everything

A golden rule, no matter what activity you’re taking part in. It’s important to keep your skin moisturized, especially since most poker rooms will put you under harsh light for long periods of time. This is even truer for players who frequent live tournaments like the World Series of Poker, which are often televised. Under the glare of TV spotlights, skin can dry out much more quickly, so it’s important to moisturize everything, and moisturize often.


Pile on the Conditioner

Care for Your Poker Face Don’t Let the Stress Show!


Your beauty regimen should take care of your hair too, especially if you frequent casinos like the Revel Casino in Atlantic City, which has poker rooms open to smoking patrons. Smoke can cause dryness and make your hair frizzy, and let’s not forget that smell! Using high-intensive conditioner should take care of the dryness of your hair, so you can keep those locks looking luxurious throughout the night.


Get Enough R & R

Care for Your Poker Face Don’t Let the Stress Show!

Care your face

Poker tournaments can go on for hours, so it’s important to get a lot of sleep before heading to the tables. Most casinos like the Borgata Hotel and Casino also have spa that provides wonderful service to its patrons, so take advantage of your hotel’s facilities.

It’s also important to remember that poker tournaments put you in close proximity to other players, so sanitize often. Follow these tips, and you’re sure to make the most out of your poker experience.