General information about knee pain and simple exercises that may help. It explains how the knee works, what causes knee pain and what can be done to help.

Knee is the most common part which gets an injury that relates to muscles and for that reason, we need to know the right physical therapy exercises for knee pain. These exercises are the program from recovering the injury which has happened in the knee. Although the external or visible injury may have been healed, some disorder in the formation of muscles or bones can trigger worse effect when it is not treated well. Here, I will give you good suggestions for dealing with knee pain so you can regain your comfortable knee feeling.

Physical Therapy Exercises for Knee Pain

Physical Therapy Exercises for Knee Pain

Hamstring Stretching TherapyThe knee, a hinge type joint that allows the leg to flex and extend, has the greatest risk of injury compared to all other joints in the body. Knee pain can be extremely annoying, not to mention debilitating. For most who suffer from knee pain, a surgical solution is not their number one option. That’s where physical therapy comes into play. Physical therapy exercises can help relieve your knee pain, restore or improve your knee movements and help you return to your normal daily activities. Whether your knee pain is caused by an injury, disease or a result of knee surgery, physical therapy can help restore you to back to the highest possible function. Each individual has their own needs and goals, so physical therapy exercises may vary from person to person.

Reasons for Knee Pain

There are many common reasons for knee pain, but a 2015 study published in the journal Best Practice & Research Clinical Rheumatology indicates that most are work related or from past injuries.The study states that symptomatic knee osteoarthritis (OA) can be viewed as the end result of a molecular cascade that takes place after certain triggers occur and ultimately results in irreversible damage to the articular cartilage. The study suggests that while there are multiple causes of knee OA, two have attracted particular attention over recent years: occupation-related knee OA and OA subsequent to a previous knee injury. Studies also report that knee OA is likely to become the eighth most important cause of disability in men and the fourth most important cause of disability in women according to the World Health Organization report on global burden of disease. Three major physical impairments such as knee pain, stiffness and decreased quadriceps strength are highly associated with knee OA and are believed to contribute to physical disability and progression of the disease.

The Best Knee Strengthening Exercises to Relieve Pain

Calf Stretching Therapy

The second method is stretching your calf. Here, the cause of injury in the knee is often because the looseness of the muscles around the knee. It makes an improper landing which may rip apart tendon or other muscles tissue around the knee. Here, to perform the stretching, you just need to pull your legs and then, you pull one of your legs backward with stretching ethe calf in your legs. Here, with proper stage and steps, you will slowly regain the function of your calf again in muscles articulation.

Side Leg Raises

Standing up, put your leg through one of the the rubber exercise bands that are attached to one of the healthy exercise machines in the facility.  Put the leg that is closest to the machine inside the loop of the band.  Spread your feet about 1 foot apart and stand far enough away from the machine so that your feel a slight pull on your leg. Then, pull your legs inwards toward the second leg.  You will feel a work out between your thighs.  Repeat 10 times for 2-3 sets depending on the advice given by your physical therapist.

Hamstring Stretching Therapy

Hamstring Stretching Therapy

Ball Squeezes Exercises

Lie down on a table or a mat on the floor with both feet planted on the ground. Then, take an inflatable ball (one of the big bouncy balls found in the gym) and place it between your knees. Squeeze the ball with both knees. You should feel a work out or a burn on the inside of your thighs. Do 10 repetitions of squeezes and repeat for 2-3 sets depending on the advice of your physical therapist.

Straight Leg Raise Therapy

The next exercise of physical therapy for knee pain is having the straight leg raise therapy. This therapy is used for adjusting the elasticity of your calf and leg muscles so it will be adjusted to the move of straightening the legs. Here, you can do it by lying in face up position and then, you can lift your leg up in a straight condition. In the first time, make sure that you are lifting your legs slowly to reduce the risk of sudden movements which may damage your muscle tissues.

Knee Extension Exercises

Passive Exercise: Support the knee with the injured leg up on a chair. Place a towel roll under your ankle, and lay an ice pack over the knee. Put 5-10 lbs. of weight on top of the knee (a 5-10 lb. bag of rice works well).