Camp Eden Health Resort provides fitness activity for relax, stress relief and change life.

Welcome to Camp Eden Health Retreat Center in Queensland in Australia. It provides all in one best resource for Human activity and Health Retreat and Health club. Reuniting with nature is a crucial part of the magnetism of Camp Eden Health Resort.
Whenever you stay at Camp Eden Health Resort all of the planning is done for you – your individual consultation will customize your program letting you personally plan your preferred amounts of participation and relaxation during every day of your stay.

Camp Eden Health Resort

Camp Eden Health Retreat is among the most popular forms of health retreats around Australia. There are various types of spas, resorts, retreats, etc., like mineral health retreats, medical retreats, destination resorts, eco resorts, mobile spas and spas. Each of these will provide only the services associated with their organization. Most of the people will enjoy to have all services and facilities in one location.

Camp Eden Health Resort offers Holistic Health Resort Center, Weight reduction Retreat, Personal Development Retreat, Acupuncture Health, Yoga Class, health and fitness class and self development choices. The program is made to start your day with energy and vitality gradually, progressing with the day, having fun and being familiar with you along the way. Having experienced NeuroArobics coupled with fun with the evening is perfect for winding down and getting ready to take on another new day.

Whenever you enter the Camp Eden Health Resort you are able to breathe a sigh of relief while you plunge into the serenity of Australia. Health Resort is the best place to relax, refresh and revitalize in currumbin valley in Queensland. Additionally, it provides natural land space like sub tropical rainforest, higher level falls, natural spot for relaxing and spend some time for change mind and calm.

Camp Eden Health Retreat Activity goals would be to help you discover or express, your personal unique fitness personality and also to help you achieve your individual physical fitness during your retreat at day spa resort. The fitness program provides some activities might be seasonal.

Why Visit Camp Eden Health Retreat Activity Program:

  • Relaxation/ Stress Management: It offers relaxation and stress management therapy program. Its basic fitness activity for brand new person at Camp Eden Health Resort.
  • Breath and Meditation Instruction: It health and fitness activity program and get refresh mind and alter habit mind in your life.


  • Yoga Therapy: Yoga therapy jump-start your exercise program five star experience fitness assessment
  • Self improvement Therapy: It offers personal activity like self improvement resort, weight loss retreat, weight loss packages and acupuncture health.
  • Holistic Body Therapy: It provides holistic body therapies, massage body therapy, spa beauty therapy for relief body pains and streets pain also.

Camp Eden Health Retreat Accommodation

Camp Eden Health Retreat Accommodation provides benetitable accommodation for anyone who stay. These holiday retreats at Camp Eden offers completely holistic treatment including services like body wraps, body tanning, detox, aroma therapy, rejuvenating therapies like acupuncture, and spa cuisines.

Camp Eden Health Retreat Accommodation welcomes you with look at that you are accommodated with in the rainforest, and offer with in fauna and flora. These environments could make you feel refresh, reenergize, revitalize, pleasant, etc.

Camp Eden Health Retreat Accommodation enables you to to gently rest in the beautiful rainforest, interiors, and furnishings could make you feel warm, welcoming, comfortable, and rich. You’ll certainly experience the soothing, and relaxing views from the nature. Camp Eden’s Environment is an ideal place for the people to rest your brain, body, and soul.

You are able to choose the rooms or the placed you wish to choose ranging from single or twin air-conditioned accommodation. The majority of the accommodations of the Camp Eden’s Health Resort have numerous rooms with glass ceiling and resulting in private balconies.

Main Camp Eden Health Resort Accommodation are sorted to major types including: Rainforest Retreat (Twin),  Valley View Deluxe (Single & Twin),   Eden Sanctuary (Single),  Hillside Haven (Single).