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Anxiety is distressing condition that will seriously disrupt your ability to experience life and get your goals. It has been discovered that about fourteen percent of Australians are experiencing an anxiety disorder of some form within any one year period, and approximately 6% will be affected a generalized anxiety disorder within their lifetime. Individuals who suffer from anxiety disorders generally experience feelings of unwarranted, intense worry or fear. These feelings can lead to avoidance or a disengaging of everyday activities like family or social situations or even work.

Anxiety and Symptoms & Disorders

Anxiety is a response that happens in lots of parts of the body as well as the brain should there be a perceived threat or danger. Whenever we feel fear the mind provides the body a security alarm, warning it of a threat and priming it to consider action to prevent the danger. This is the body’s normal ‘fight or flight’ response, which means that when there’s danger we obtain out of the way so when it’s unavoidable we stay and be realistic or fight it. You will find over 100 different physical symptoms of anxiety, so it can often be difficult to tell when you might be suffering. Signs and symptoms of anxiety include increase in allergies, back pain, looking pale, flushing of the skin, intense body tremors, change in body temperature, “crawly” skin, burning skin sensation, chest tightness, choking, chronic fatigue, feeling clumsy, feeling cold chills, craving sweets, difficulty speaking, dizziness, excess energy, sensation of falling, faint feeling, flu-like symptoms, racing heart, change in sexual interest, increased infections, muscle twitching, nausea, vomiting, neck pain, night sweats, insufficient energy, numbness and tingling and more.

Anxiety Sign & Symptoms

Emotional Anxiety Symptoms
Anxiety Symptoms and disorders

Anxiety Symptoms

You may feel irritable, uneasy or worry excessively about things. You may believe that something awful is about to happen and may feel “highly strung”.

Physical Anxiety Symptoms

You may have heart palpitations or chest pain, muscle tension, sweating, breathing difficulties, faintness, headaches or nausea. It may seem hard to relax, hard to concentrate and difficult to rest.

Behavioural Anxiety Symptoms

You may go to great lengths to build up plans to avoid certain places, situations or objects.Anxiety can take many forms, from anxiety attacks to obsessive compulsive behaviours.

Anxiety Treatment Sydney Clinics

Hills Clinics

The Hills Clinic offers day group programs for those patients who require ongoing support for mood and anxiety. An experienced mental health professional runs the audience and reinforces the topics that are covered during the 21-day inpatient program. The day group outpatient program is extremely helpful to patients because they apply new strategies to assist them in their everyday lives. This program focuses on building skills for better mental health. This is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based treatment and is designed to follow on from your inpatient program. CBT is easily the most well researched form of therapy and shown to be very good at the treatment of mood and anxiety. The program concentrates on the “here and now” and teaches skills for thinking, feeling and acting in ways which promote better mental health.

Northside Clinic

Based in Greenwich around the lower north shore of Sydney, Northside Clinic is really a leader within the provision of private mental health care around australia, including therapy for anxiety.

Anxiety Disorders Clinic, University of Sydney

The Anxiety Disorders Clinic, University of Sydney, is really a Mental Health Research Clinic inside the Faulty of Health Sciences. The clinic was established to facilitate research conducted inside the Faculty in to the nature and management of Anxiety Disorders. Currently, use of therapy is limited to participants in clinical research trials being conducted by clinic staff.

Sydney’s Northside West Clinic

Experiencing anxiety spanning a prolonged period or perhaps in situations that wouldn’t ordinarily cause stress might be a sign which you have a panic or anxiety disorder. Effective anxiety counselling, as offered through Sydney’s Northside West Clinic, can assist you to regain control of your daily life. The clinic anxiety treatment clinic provides a supportive and caring environment to assist you regain control of your daily life.

Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre

The clinical psychologists at Sydney Clinical Psychologist Centre anxiety clinic are certified practitioners of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and receive ongoing supervision in the usage of traditional CBT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for anxiety disorders. Whenever you attend the anxiety disorders clinic throughout the first session a comprehensive history in your life is going to be taken, usually some questionnaires will have to be completed, and the kind of anxiety which you suffer is going to be determined. Co-occurring conditions including alcohol and drug use which are sometimes utilized by individuals to manage anxiety, may also be determined along with a treatment program created to address these problems.

Southwest Clinic

Southwest Clinic is definitely an established 18 bed mental health unit located inside the Sydney Southwest Private hospital at Liverpool. Clinic caters for a number of mental illnesses and disorders as well as provides a withdrawal management program. It features a multi-disciplinary team including psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, community medical officers along with a visiting pharmacist. The Southwest Clinic offers a comprehensive selection of inpatient and outpatient programs. The facility is centrally located, modern consultation rooms, common areas along with a Gloria Jeans cafe. A healthcare facility is situated a couple of minutes walk from Westfield’s Shopping complex and Liverpool public hospital. Additionally it is near to all public transport.